NEC Nijmegen - Go Ahead Eagles

Footballers Go ahaed Eagles finally managed to interrupt his long series without a victory, and after the success of 2: 1 on the grounds of competition Nijmegen thus able fully to score after eight matches in a row. In the Eredivisie table, although still the last eighteen to sixteen points, but at Rodou Kerkrade lags score. Home NEC lost the second consecutive year, due to dropped into the bottom half of the table to tenth place with twenty-five points.

Newcomer competition was a great entry into the competition and during the initial twenty-five minutes to get to a two-goal lead. After an hour of play, although curiously lost excluded Elvis Manu and at the very end of the match conceded, however, an important victory has arrived. Guests have proved themselves by their first serious action in less than fifteen minutes after the game. After a pass from Crowley was outnumbered, fought his way into the penalty area Manu opponent and then went from eight meters to the far post.

Not one of thirteen minutes and Go Ahead led by two goals thanks Jarchina Antonio. He received a unique perpendicular to the defense Chirivelly on the right wing, thanks to quick feet got up in front of the goalie Delleho and from an angle from six meters he twisted attempt obstřelil. From that moment the game is very balanced. Nijmegen tried to tighten up, but playing on the ground or the air, he failed to surprise the attentive defensive opponent.

Home still pushed on after a moment of 63 minutes when off the pitch pakoval shooter initial goal Manu. He received the first yellow card in the first half even after treatment, Duitse. After an hour of the game, trying to pray penalty kick in a duel with Dyrestamem, but too willingly fell to the ground, for simulating he experienced referee Kuipers awarded a second yellow and then a red card. Neither this moment does not shake confidence Eagles.

Guests relied on precise defensive game and did not let opponents almost to their goal. Nijmegen lives up to its pressure in the second minute setting. About Shot cross took care alternating Messaoud, who stamped his parachute crossbar. After the ball bounced on his leg completely free Jay-Roye Grota and the summary ruffled net, so I scored his fifth goal in ten duels played. But more on home favorite speechless.