Well, it was decided to: Marsh took my things and went to "Cork"

Well, it was decided to: Marsh took my things and went to "Cork", and then - in the US, "Tampa Bay Raudis". On it were only the best memories: Taert teammate Dennis said that "he is too much fiddling with ruffled hair and with London fellow journalists."

David Beckham ( "Manchester United") 1486226072_kerj_zenit.jpg

Well, where do without a major superstar of world football - Beckham was so well known that it even knows your Microsoft Word. But despite the approval of the player that he had with coach Sir Alex Ferguson had been his father's relationship in this hard to believe - especially if you remember the campaign-2002/03.

Then the injured Becks hard to get in shape, and the failure of the FA Cup against the "Arsenal" and does lead to the fact that the Scot threw in midfield shoes and rassёk his eyebrow. Well, not thrown and kicked. Anyway, it was a serious disorder. What was the reason? As he wrote Fergie, Beckham refused to accept that his reluctance to return to the defense team was worth a goal, and the star style Englishman with his life caps "beanies" weekly hairstyles and mission to get to all the advertising posters, was not skilled like.

"I just know more than these idiots coaches." When the ego football became pomehoy

The seventh issue of "Manchester United" is very interested in the "Barcelona", but he still chose the "Real", in connection with which, according to Ferguson, to "pantheon United" did not hit. "

Tony Yeboah ( "Leeds")

"I do not think that George Graham especially me complain. I think he was waiting for me only misery, "- said the former striker," Leeds "Tony Yeboah.

And it is true: when the Scot took over the reins of government to "Elland Road", he did not consider that the Ghanaian striker will solve all the woes of the club. It's weird, because Yeboah then adored all - which only cost him wonder goals "Liverpool" and "Wimbledon" season earlier.

Yeboah - he frankly admitted that Yorkshire puddings gained him a couple of kilograms - became more and more time to spend on a bench spare. All ended in March 1997.