Enraged Hooydonk and demanded to send him away

Enraged Hooydonk and demanded to send him away, but was refused. He did not want to tolerate this, and took so left England in his native Holland, where he trained in his native club "Breda". After three months of training, he returned to the same team, but the coach put up Bassett was not intended.

"I have already said, where he could shove his branch of peace" - cut specialist. Yes, others were the days. 1486199406_miranchuk_2.jpg In January 1999, Bassett was gone, and the team re-vegetated in the lower ranks. Forward back to Holland, but the new coach said that it is better to not to return to these parts of England.

He did not return to play for the "Benfica", "Feyenoord" (twice), "Fenerbahce" and "Brad".

Diego Maradona ( "Napoli")

Go Diego Maradona in "Napoli" for a record 6.9 million. Pounds has made the present furore. "We have no mayor, houses, schools, buses, work and sanitation, but who cares when we have Diego Maradona?" - Written in the newspapers.

The Argentinian was really good, and "Napoli" won Serie A in 1987 and 1990. Off the field, however, the problem was not considered. Maradona continually missed training and matches, and collected an impressive amount of fines of 70 thousand. Dollars. And that's not to mention the suspicion of having links with the Mafia.

"I just know more than these idiots coaches." When the ego football became pomehoyFoto: FourFourTwo

When in July 1991 the team came Claudio Ranieri, Maradona practiced 15-month ban for cocaine use. "I would like to work with him. But no one - not even Diego - is no longer the club, "- said the expert.

After the ban Maradona left for "Seville", but never played, as before.

Rodney Marsh ( "Manchester City")

When Rodney Marsh arrived in the "Manchester City" for nehily 200 thousand. Pounds in 1972, coach Malcolm Allison was sure that he shut up a hole in the team and will be the missing link they have been looking for. Here he is a player that will allow the "City" finally win the title!

Not a bit of it: Marsh knocked off course the whole team, and teammates accused him that he breaks the rhythm of attack and "juggling the ball, like a seal."

Nobody loved Londoner for work ethic, but he stayed in the blue part of Manchester for four years - though he did not bring success. After playing for the reserve team, where he went for criticizing Toni Buka coach, he got his chance to come back: the coach called him and asked: "If you think I am stupid coach, we're not going to work. ? Do you want to take it back, "To this he received the answer:" I do not think you do not even stand. "